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      If I put this on...

      If I put this on...

      If I put this on a shirt?



      is it so surpisin’ she a sister in risin’

      when her people are treated unjust.

      she’s black, we’re proud, i am

      a seed from an afrakan stem.

      her roots are deep like the temples of cush

      my words are seeds of an afrakan bush.

      afraka’s the soul - ghetto roots!

      we’re goin’ back, zippin’ up our boots!

      she’s feminine great strength within no man is strong as she could be

      she’s the one that sailed the nile - kin to the virgin and the child.

      without her presence no great men

      she gave us strength to begin again.

      your mother, your father your bro’ your sis’

      you’re a lost lamb that we really miss.

      the mother of israel - bearer of creation

      her sons twelve tribes, once the greatest nation,

      robed of faith, now we are sleep

      she’ll try to wake us ‘cause the roots are deep.

      to wake the children, she sets the alarm

      show the truth and who does harm,

      show’s ‘em the past and what could be

      his hero is himself so he is free.

      she’s your queen - your motherland

      we’re goin’ home so take my hand.

      #blackwomen #blackgirlsrock #blacksouls #careforourwomen #maat #soulgivers #motherearth #goddess #berthright

      I support nature's cures and...

      I support nature's cures and...

      I support nature's cures and rebuke man-made pharmaceuticals that promote drug that cause other dis-eases that require more drugs! #sebi #amerukhanbasics #indigenousamerukhans