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      Amerukhan Basics Clothing is a division of Moor Graphix. Both entities represents the cultural re-defining of a false narrative. Our clothing uses imagery, messages and symbolism to acknowledge our Aboriginal, Indigenous connection to the land of Amerukhan. My intent is to rewrite our story through design and conjure the spirits of our ancestors to fuel the children of our future to act not react!


      Amerukhan - I spell american this way to represent the symbology, etymology and origins of a people displaced by false information and doctrines. 

      The Meru, Ameru, Nubian or Ngaa people are a Bantu ethnic group that inhabit the Meru region of Kenya and Ethiopia of Africa who traveled to the continent of the so-called Americas thousands of years before any European traveler.

      Khan is an Asiatic term meaning King or Sovereign of the land. This term defines our indigenous ownership by birthright and our aboriginal standing in native culture on the lands of the Americas.

      Combining the two terms. gives us our origins and the Nu word Amerukhan.

      Amerukhan Basics Clothing

      Amerukhan is the moniker we chose to embrace as symbol of long standing culture and heritage of a people of distinction.


      The Pacyderm & The Ankhor

      The Pacyderm (Elephant or Mammoth) is indigenous to the continent Amerukhan. The Pacyderm represents our thick skin and our inability to forget.

      The Ankhor (Anchor) has 2 parts. The first part is the top which represents an Ankh - the Egyptian symbol for Life. The second part are the hooks, these represents our mooring (connection) to the land as aboriginals.

      The items and clothing we produce is a representation of our understanding of culture and heritage. We use different symbols and images to tell different stories, we see our products representing the Griot principle, passing knowledge from one generation to the next in story. This story is graphic in nature!


       "Lest We Forget Our Thick Skin"

       About Da Creator - Sid Morrison Washington